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"Sing a song make it simple to last the whole night long..." - carpenters

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Tips for Singers:

singers share singing tips:

"Don't be afraid you'll look silly when you sing and perform."

One of the best tips I have picked up in my 20 years of singing in bands, was from a guy named Michael White who was the singer in a Led Zeppelin cover band called "The White".

He said... "Never feel silly or intimidated by the audience when you perform.... just look out into the audience and ask yourself "could any of these people do any better than me?" The majority of them are too scared to even sing in the shower let alone get up onstage and do what you're doing".

Doug Comrie - "Sugarphyx".

"Find a friend and sing your hearts out"
I have a Karaoke Player with approx 800 songs. Very useful at home parties, however being a little more serious than just waiting for the parties. I actually practice alot singing the songs I know best and retry new ones until they're good enough to add to my repertoire.

It's also great if you can get a Karoeke enthusiast. I have a girlfriend in the neighbourhood that loves singing as much as I do if that's possible. We try to get together and rehearse an entire evening till the wee hours of the morning or untill our voices run dry.

It's rewarding and great practice.

Find a friend and sing your hearts out.


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