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Tips for Singers:
10 Basic Breathing Tips

1. The significance of the diaphragm as a muscle of breath support is over-emphasized by most music singing schools and teachers. The diaphragm has two jobs: it furnishes the power for inhalation and then controls tone support.

2. When you take a breath for singing -- to open the throat -- add a yawning feeling as you're about to produce the tone (the beginning of a yawn, to be exact).

3. Be sure the shoulders do not raise when taking a breath.

4. If you can hear your inhalation, you're taking in too much air or your stomach is tense. Be sure your stomach is relaxed before, and as, you inhale.

5. Always inhale gently when singing. Heavy gasping of air will tighten your throat.

Essential Tips

6. Posture is the foundation. Be sure your posture is erect when singing -- not a military stance, but comfortably upright. This positions you for maximum support.

7. Always imagine the sound that you want to make and then sing it -- using all resources available -- your entire physical being, emotions, psyche and spirit.

8. A tight jaw is bad for good singing. Do whatever is necessary to relieve your jaw, neck and shoulders of tension before you sing.

9. Don't smoke. Smoking puts at risk the entire mechanism you're going to stake your claim to a vocal career upon.

10. Don't try to imitate another singer's voice. Discover your own, unique, vocal identity.

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