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Cris "Stray"

She's probably the only 'stray' your momma would let you keep!


Stray is currently our
Private Party Kitten


As any young kid, my first taste of music was whatever my parents listened to; mainly jazz, classical and Paul Anka. At the age of ten, a family friend introduced me to Queen. At this discovery of electric guitar and distortion, a love affair with all things rock ensued, which still doesn't explain my fondness for show-tunes. I was first introduced to karaoke at a truck-stop in Oakville. I came. I saw... but I can't say I conquered.

Flash-forward to Queens University where they had organized a karaoke show. Naturally I decided to win friends and influence people by make a complete fool of myself. I swallowed my fears and went up to sing "My Boyfriend's back". I was nervous. I was terrified. I was hooked. I came back to Oakville and mercilessly tracked down every damn karaoke venue I could find.

Two years later I found myself living in my beloved Ottawa. While downtown with my new roommates I heard Gloria Gaynor wafting from a bar.


Naturally I started singing "I Will Survive" on the street at the top of my lungs. Someone yelled "So you like to sing?" My response: "Hell yeah, I like to sing. Which reminds me, where can a girl find some **good** karaoke around here?" He suggested the Dog & Pony show at V.I.P. I went the next week with my friend Cait and renewed my addiction while popping her karaoke cherry.


strayHooked again, I went to every Dog & Pony show I could find and earned 5 paws the following week. In my first few months in Ottawa, I had tried other karaoke companies but always came back to Dog & Pony. It wasn't just the great song selection, or the awesome sound, or the bad segues. Here, I had found an amazing community, which, over the past 3 years, has become more like a family and I wouldn't give that up for anything short of stardom. But even as a rock star, I know I'd always come crawling back for more.

(a.k.a. Stray Kitten)

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