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Karaoke World News


Carly "Ocelot"

You can party with Ocelot on
The 1st Saturday every month at The Royal Oak, Bank at Laurier

Ocelot: an awesome lot of fun!

It would be impossible to tell you when I figured out I loved to sing. I've always be that person who randomly bursts into song, which is sometimes a little startling for the person next to me! I grew up singing along to Oldies 1310 in my parents' car on our way to some hockey or soccer tournament in the middle of nowhere. To this day I still enjoy going for a cruise for no better reason than to roll down the windows and turn up the tunes, and look out when me and my girls get together with a deck of cards and a couple of Zep CD's!

Imagine my delight the first time I got to sing with a microphone in my hand! I wandered into the Brig a couple years ago and fell face first into a pile of Dog and Pony awesomeness. I was fortunate enough to have Dog as our resident KJ on Thursday nights, and it wasn't long before you could find me there every week. Strangely enough, for those of you who've already met me, my first karaoke performance ever was Angel…. Yes, the Sarah McLaughlin song. With time though, I started choosing songs that helped to expand my vocal range. I discovered that not only could I sing on key (sometimes), but that I could really project!
And then one fateful day, I thought to myself… maybe I could do Dazed and Confused. I did. I loved it, and since then I've been exploring my love of classic rock from a whole new perspective. Karaoke is a rush. It's a great time on more levels than I could express in only three paragraphs, and its ideal for crazy cats like me who love being in the spotlight. Thanks for making me part of the family!

~Carly (a.k.a. Ocelot}