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Sammy "Mule"

   Sam is our backup &
private party Mule.

Music has always been a big part of my life. Having a father who used to own a record shop, I was introduced to a large variety of styles of music at a young age. It led me to begin learning classical violin, fiddle, and saxophone. As well, later in life, it provided me with a way to express my emotions and led me to karoke.

Karoke very quickly became one of my favorite activities. It was a way for me to be able to feel more confident with myself and become more social. Prior to having gone to karaoke, I was fairly shy and wasn't able to perform in front of crowds, so it really helped me to learn new things about myself that I would have never otherwise known.

After having gone to karaoke for about five months, someone had told me that I should try going to a different company, where they said the people were welcoming and very pleasant to be around.

Consequentally I went, and so began my time with Dog And Pony. I remember having thought to myself that this person was right. A lot of people would forget you after just meeting you for the first time in a bar. However, the next time I went, people still remembered who I was. I started meeting many new people very quickly, and I really never looked back. Some of them quickly became some of my best friends.

Ultimately I have just been very grateful for the past five years to have found such a warm, accepting and loving group of people.


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