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Karaoke World News


Stevie "Gator"

Gators just don't come any cuter
or cuddlier than this one.

I grew up listening to Garth Brooks and other country stars thanks to my parents. Then one day we got a tape of songs from '63 and I was hooked to the old faithful songs of my parents' youth. In Grade 12 I started listening to Oldies 1310 on the radio and could sing along to all the songs which further implanted the timeless nature of a good song. That was when I realized that music will play a big part in my life.

"My life is like a movie and it needs a good soundtrack."

I've always loved to perform in front of an audience and so the idea of karaoke seemed like the greatest thing on earth. Which it ended up being! So I went out and found a fake ID so I could sneak into the bar and belt out a tune or two.

The moment that I realized how astonishing karaoke was when I did "I Love Rock n Roll" by Joan Jett with some lady I met that night in a little hole in the wall place. Since then I have gone to karaoke whenever I could. I moved to Australia for a year and tracked down a show there and brought a little Canadian flare down under.

When I moved back from Australia one of my good friends, Jeff, told me about a karaoke show within stumbling distance of my house. So of course next chance I got I went down to the Brig where I met Dog for the first time. It didn't take long for me and my friend to become regulars there. I love going cause even after I sucked it up everyone would still clap politely well I took my seat to down another glass of "courage", and decide on the next disaster.

I'm excited about hosting a show all of my own. It didn't take long for me to jump on board and see what I could do, and the rest will go down in history.


A hog-tied gator gnawing through duct tape
...strange initiation ritual or attacked by a frisky dog with a roll of duct tape?