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Karaoke World News


Elly "Filly"

Elly's Tale of woh woh woh...

I grew up singing. I sang in the car, bath, with the record player, for the family. Once I discovered I could make noise with these pipes, I didn't stop.

I sang with the Nepean Youth Choir, Central Children's Choir, every school I went to, I was in the choir.

I grew up and got a car and sang in it a lot. You do get used to people looking at you when you are wailing away in your car at a stoplight! Finally, I got old enough to go to bars.

The first bar I went to that wasn't a dance bar with drunken friends that I had to drive home, (argh!) was a bar that had Karaoke.

It took me 6 weeks to decide that I had enough guts to hold a microphone and sing into it. That was the hard part... the microphone!

Just like a fairy tale, the spell was broken, I was suddenly going to karaoke 3 and 4 times a week, and more often when I wasn't working.

I Love to sing, love karaoke.

I became addicted but have not enrolled in the 12 step program as I have no wish to be rehabilitated.

But I have put the addiction under some control, and hopefully will be able to capitalize on my habit. (ok just to feed the ponies!)