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Delaney "Hawk"

He's warm & fuzzy, energetic & boppy, friendly & fun
...heeeeeeeee's Delaney!

With a love of music that was almost inborn, I set out to experience every opportunity that presented itself to me. As a child, I was fortunate enough to travel to other countries performing with The Eramosa Youth Choir. Having completed all eight High School music credits by grade 11, I needed to replace the empty space in my musical life, so I co-opted part time as a studio musician. I was able to work with a variety of talented professionals and, on the rare occasion, even allowed to perform with them on stage.

The vocal training I completed with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto left me with a classical voice that didn't seem to translate beyond the multitude of Kiwana's festivals and numerous musical theatre experiences that I took part in. Of course, what I really wanted to sing was Pop and Rock songs, but somehow they would always come out sounding like Arias.

Not surprising then, that my first experience with karaoke was horrendous. There were very few songs that fell into my vocal range or style, and the ones that did, nobody seemed to want to hear. After a few intermittent attempts, I had given up on the whole concept for several years...

...Then there was Dog and Pony Sound. It was blind luck and happenstance that I actually discovered them at all.

Recovering from back surgery, I was walking around the neighbourhood one evening and decided to stop for a drink in the only bar that I knew in the area. Lucky timing on my part, perhaps divine intervention? Since the bar was closing, it was the last night for karaoke in that particular location. I don't remember singing that night, but I definitely enjoyed being there. I do remember talking to Pony and getting the feeling that their karaoke shows were different from anything I had experienced in the past.

It was a while before I actually went to another show, but I was very glad that I did, it was a unique circumstance to me. People were supportive and encouraging. You didn't have to be the best singer, which was good because I wasn't and I'm not, but it is something that gives me a great deal of enjoyment.

Normally, being placed along side of such strong singers (and there are a lot of them), it is easy to become intimidated and give up. At every other karaoke show I attended, the hosts never seemed to care about the people getting up to sing, and quite often I would overhear many disparaging remarks. But Dog and Pony Sound was different, they were caring and reassuring, truly professional, yet a whole lot of fun. I began to go to more and more venues and discovered that many people were drawn to this particular Karaoke Company.

The diversity of people that would gather at these events surprised me. Drawn together by this wonderfully strange thread that is Dog and Pony. Each new location was very different, but like a family get together, you could take comfort in the fact that you were amongst your own.

Add to this, an incredible selection of many styles of music, exceptional attention to being fair and ethical, and the fun, party atmosphere they create, it is no wonder why Dog and Pony Sound have been voted 'the best karaoke in Ottawa'.

Through them, I have developed a confidence that I didn't possess before. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of karaoke past, The Hawk has been born. I am honoured to be among the already large, and continuously growing, family of Dog and Pony pals in the city of Ottawa.