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Karaoke World News


Biny The "Beaver"

Enthusiastic, energetic,
friendly & fun...'s Biny the Beaver everyone!

Beaver is one of our key people for private functions and fundraisers.

Biny the Beaver, Particpation Enthusiast

I remember clearly the first time becoming a musician appealed to me. I was in Grade 2, and I was visiting a friend who had just started taking accordion lessons. Cool. It wasn't long before I hit my first musical hurdle - how to play both hands together - the left pumping out a basic pattern and the right holding simple notes. My Mother sat with me for (what seemed like) hours counting and coaching while I sweated through "Over the Waves. She had taken piano when a child, and understood that sometime you just need to work at it. I went on to plunge headlong into music - guitar, keyboards and composition. I started singing, and my family cheerfully bore the brunt of yet another learning curve inflicted on the household. They thoughtfully provided blunt constructive kitchen criticism. It helped me improve.

I first became committed to the central tenant of my musical philosophy, "music is not a spectator sport!" when I was running my first church choir. People wouldn't join because they "couldn't sing." My comeback became a mantra - "You show up. Getting you to sing is my problem.” I think everyone should sing, and sing often. Singing somehow connects us to ourselves, each other and our collective journey. Ultimately, it isn't about how you sing, it's about how you live - and singing makes you feel more alive. Last and least, of course, singing is how you get to be a better singer.

I remember how I found Karaoke. My first wife and I had split - and pretending neon signs were interesting while I looked awkward in a single's bar was just wrong. Hanging out at Karaoke was the cure. I had something to do - I could read the song book. Cheer people on. Show off sometimes, and laugh at myself when I bombed. It was fun, and friendships formed almost automatically.

My daughters loved to sing, and it became a favorite outing, and a source of fond memories. My oldest, Beth, bringing down the house at eleven years old nailing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Beth and Rachael winning a duet contest singing "Goodbye Earl." My daughter Brenda, who has cerebral palsy and faces many daily challenges, singing her favorite Shania Twain tunes at a kids afternoon hosted at Obrien's, grinning with delight and oblivious to all else.

On our first date, Wendy wanted to hear me sing, so I sang my heart out and we danced the late night away. Somehow, through a long line of Karaoke outings, we got married. Go figure.

Finding Dog and Pony was like Jim Belushi hearing James Brown in the Blues Brothers. They weren't my first Karaoke venue - far from it. By February 2002 I had 'done' Karaoke worldwide on business trips, not to mention taking in plenty of local shows. I had observed a wide range of quality and fun factor in Karaoke - so I decided to search out the best. Google turned up a review that gave them top marks, so I headed out to Obrien's to check them out, and have never looked back. I've admired their professionalism and wit, fun loving charm and enjoyed their genuine ability to make an honest connection. Years ago I wrote this testimonial:

"Simply put, the most fun, professional, put together Karaoke service I have ever encountered. Great sound. Professional handling of the rotation. Great selection. Warm relations with the patrons. Willing to go the extra mile. Best kit packaging of their 'book' for the singers. Great online support in their web page. 10.0 from six judges, and no media second guessing."

They're even better now! Being asked to be a Dog and Pony host is a wonderful compliment, and a challenging responsibility. It means I need to be as good at serving up a good time as they are. Man, do I have my work cut out for me!

~The Beav