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Adam "The Gecko"

Madam, I'm Adam!
Adam, our very own cocktail king & personality behind Vic Viscount.

I've always grown up with music in my life. My father, a Toronto musician, always played jazz music at home. In my early years, I'd spend some days listening to Sharon Lois and Bram records; on other occasions, I heard the tunes of Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Tony Scott, Charlie Parker, Spike Jones, and Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. Also, my mother has always harboured a love for music; however, her tastes gravitated towards soft rock artists from the 50's, 60's and 70's like Johnny Mathis and Harry Chapin. Occasionally, she played the music of Barbra Streisand, and I endured these sessions with humour and grace.

Beginning in my seventh grade year, I played the trombone in both classical concert and stage jazz bands. Despite a traumatizing incident at the Carleton School Board in Grade 8 (you'll just have to ask me about that after a few drinks), I have always enjoyed playing in bands. Many of my music teachers introduced me to a wide array of bands and musical genres. In fact, Jim Smith at Greenbank Public School introduced me to Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper. In spite of my musical interests, I was never keen on singing in school. One day in 1993, an epiphany occurred when our stage band conductor, Geoff Linklater, crooned a few ballads: I realized that singing could be a calling.

My introduction to karaoke came at the tender age of 12 on a spring day at The Rideau Centre. The facility set up a booth that allowed people to sing a song and record it on a cassette. At the time, 12" laser discs with lyrics were unknown; singers were handed a lyric sheet as the staff hoped for the best. I decided to try Billy Joel's Uptown Girl. I massacred the song by singing a verse that didn't belong, and created further damage as my voice cracked while singing a line. Despite these technical errors, the people running the booth still thought it was good and played it for everyone else to hear. Surprisingly, the crowd didn't laugh at me- in fact, they kindly applauded my efforts. My first karaoke bar experience occurred in Montreal in the summer of 1993, at a club that boasted the perfect mix of atmosphere, alcohol, and good singers. Ever since then, I've been a karaoke slut. When I entered college in 1994, I enrolled in radio broadcasting courses that further stimulated my interest in the concept of stage performance. As the years went by, I sang more, and my singing improved. In the summer of 1997, I won a prize for best rookie in a karaoke contest, and in 2001, I cleaned up with 3 awards at the First Annual, and only, PMS awards at The Polo Lounge.

I first met Dog and Pony at the Polo Lounge in January 2002. I am not sure what initially drew me to them; perhaps it was their HUGE song library or their gold lamé table cover. Regardless, I am still a big fan, and I endeavour to expand my repertoire and discover neat fabrics too. I've always admired Dog and Pony's ability to work a room and inspire confidence in reluctant singers. They truly have brought a sense of community, camaraderie, and friendship to the world of karaoke, and I am proud to associate with their efforts.