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"I know the day would bring another song for me to sing" - Carpenter/Bettis

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Library #42 in use at:
Royal Britannia (Mon)
The LookOut
O'Brien's (Fri) (Sat)

Library #9¾ in use at:
Swizzles (Wed)

Cock & Lion (Thurs)
Puzzles (Fri)
Go Go's (Sun)

Library #33.3 in use at:
Woody's (Sun)
Royal Oak (1st Sat Monthly)

Donations to Libraries

We have the BEST patrons & staff in the world!

When our patrons ask us to get a particular song for them to sing, it is often the next purchase we make....

...and yet, many of our patrons take it upon themselves to purchase disks to donate to the libraries, and some have even donated their entire personal collections to the DOG & PONY sound libraries so that everyone could enjoy them!

How unbelievably COOL is that?

Special Thanks to the brave men & women who have entrusted us with their precious disks and made them available for all to enjoy! Now that's the spirit!

Scotty Buckley (Donkey) donated his entire private collection and graciously allowed us to distribute the collection amongst the libraries for everyone to enjoy.

"What the hell", says Scotty (somewhat modestly) "I only ever sing at your shows anyways!"


Neal Bouffard (Wildcat) is one of our beloved Hosts....and one of our top 10 KJs!

Neal has a tendency to order custom compilations then donate them to the libraries.

He is the KJ holding the placard "I'll work for disks"...having refused payment on several occassions on the condition that more disks be purchased. We're not sure if that constitutes having "stock" in the company or not.

"What the hell", says Neal (somewhat emphatically) "I only ever sing at your shows anyways!"


Scotty Porter (Cougar) tip-toed up behind us one day and slipped a new disk into the collection. Then he did it again....and then, one day, he simply donated his entire private collection.

"What the hell", says Scotty (somewhat amusedly) "I only ever sing at your shows anyways!"


(Kitty) refused her first paycheque insisting that we put it towards even more disks.

"What the hell", says Moe (somewhat pragmatically) "It's worth it to get more stuff I want".



Richie (Hound) donated half of his training allowance to the pursuit of more music. Yay team!



Terry (Coyote) tends to accept pay rather sporadically in favour of getting more music and has generously donated disks for all to enjoy.


Bruce & Les donated a great collection of Sondheim classics as well as the Soundtrack to Avenue Q to library #9¾

They also donated the ultimate Oliver! collection to Libraries #42 & 33.3 and SPAMalot to Library #33.33


Adam (Gecko) donated the Broadway show "The Boy From Oz" collection for Library #42.
Peter Allen tunes for everyone!



(Chameleon) recently donated some great disks that all might enjoy them as he has.


donated his Garth Brooks disk to Library #42


Cris (Stray) donated her training allowance to music music music. When asked which songs she wanted, she replied, "let me look at who requested songs"...we made sure we got a few special tunes for her too.


So Richie goes shopping and sees some karaoke tracks he'd like so he picks 'em up for ALL LIBRARIES! Hehehehe hounds are both goofy AND wonderful!


Terry (Coyote) loves to shop. And we love it when Terry shops because he invariably finds some wonderful stuff to donate to the libraries.

Coyotes are hot!!!!


Spurvey, (don't ya just love that name?) donated a fabulous all Beach Boys all the time disk to library #42. Yup, we're gonna have fun, fun, fun! :)

A very special thanks to all of our friends who know that disks make the perfect gift for any special occassions (Christmas, weddings, birthdays, divorsaversaries....because they're something we can all share.