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Video Gallery
Netscape users note: all files will load in a new window. Click top left corner of browser window to view or listen to clip [right click to rewind/play file] even if you do not see an image.

We have so much fun at our shows and we're so proud of all of our singers that we wanted to share some of the magic with you!

All of these video clips have been recorded using mono inputs on a video cam. We have then compressed the files substantially so that they might load quicker. Although the quality is not stellar, we trust you'll get a sense of the fun & the talent awaiting you!

This is just a taste of the fun...ya gotta come out to play with us for the real thing!  [schedule]

[download Windows Media Player]

3.1 MB
"Dangerous Karaoke" Video

Swizzles Female Finalists
Canadian National Karaoke Championships 2006
Alison Wilson "proud mary "

Freddy ... geez...just listen...the man's a "churnin' urn of burnin' funk"!

Frederick  "unchained melody"
   "steamroller blues"

Radji...when punk and princess collide!

Radji is the lead singer for Lovenbodyparts
Radji Millette (vocals, guitars, effects), Sean Hart (synths, sampler), Sam Enright (emcee) and Phil Mailey (percusssion).

Radji Millette  "longview"

Steve has a remarkable & versatile voice.

He amazes crowds with his incredible BeeGees renditions and energizes the party with hard drivin' Bon Jovi tunes.

Steve Bouchard  "just a gigolo" pt1
   "just a gigolo" pt2

Elly is a talented young lady with a passion for music, dogs & ponies...
Eleanor Lorden "you outta know" pt1
  "you outta know" pt2

Charming, dynamic and oh so sexy ...Tony's got groove & he shares it well. Check it out!

Tony "is this love" pt1
  "is this love" pt2 hm.. it just might be

Besides being terminally cute, Dann is smart, funny, sweet and very talented. He lends his unique vocal style to many traditionally female pop songs.

 [dann's website]

He has just released a CD of his own hauntingly melodic & darkly gothic songs. ...and he is currently playing the lead in the stage play HAIR.
Dann Oickle 'precious things' "good mother"

Geordie is a delightful and talented individual.

He often sings George Michael & Elton John songs and his voice is beautifully matched for both.

Geordie is very modest about his talent & is in fact, quite mic shy, but he loves to sing, and it shows.
Geordie Robertson "don't let the sun go down on me"

Michelle is a delightful package of personality and talent. He can be found behind the bar at Pub 246.
Michelle Ross "you sang to me"

Dan is a wonderful guy with a big heart and a big voice. He delivers those country hurtin' tunes with all the nuance the hurtin' folk who wrote them tunes intended.
Dan Bertrand "write this down"
  "hello darlin'"

Lock up your children
hide your best lampshades 'coz
binary's in the house!

Mike is not only a pretty face and loads of fun at our shows, he is also a photographer, song writer, musician, and producer.

Never a dull moment when Mike takes the stage! [mike's website]

Mike Heffernan a.k.a. Binary Rhyme "sweet transvestite"
Mike Heffernan a.k.a. Binary Rhyme "he did it his way"

Warm, friendly, cuddly, and adorable Rick is always fun & game for anything (even...or maybe especially...stripperoke).


Rick Smith  "long and winding road"

Gerry is so much fun, the party is never the same without him.

He's coined the term "Gerryoke"and wears his "Gerryatrics"logo proudly.

Gerry  "she's no lady...she's my wife"

Marcel is much more than fun, talented and a pretty face...he's such a good sport!

...oh we COULD tell you stories<g>

Marcel Champagne  "romeo & juliet"
 "just what i needed"

Pete is practically family. He is a regular at many of our shows, delighting crowds with his rich and powerful voice.

Pete is one of the nicest, sweetest and talented guys we know.

If "Cheers" hadn't have picked "Norm!" ...we'd all be yellin' "PETE!" instead.

Oh for Pete sakes!

Pete Perrier (Pete Sakes)  "unchain my heart"

Rick a.k.a. Launchpad is always the consumate showman.

The only man I've met who can sing flawless harmony on
"Me & Bobby McGee"

(but we won't tell him that, lest it go to his head).

Rick Whittington  "hollywood nights"

Bill was singing Christmas carols at one of our shows when Christopher proposed. It seems Bill is destined to be an integral part of our "special moments" memories...

...he recently presented us with this trophy he had specially made.

Bill Johnson  "puff the magic dragon"


Gabe a.k.a. Dragonslayer works his magic with his own original rap

Dragonslayer (Gabe)  "original dragon rap"

Petroche, our big bad pussycat.



Sadly, Sunday, September 29, 2002, Peter Meilleur (a.k.a. Petroche) age 42, passed away following a single car accident. Pete will be fondly remembered by many of his relatives and friends.

In Memoriam, donations to the Dillon Meilleur Education Trust Fund appreciated.

He knew and loved his songs so well that we simply turned off his monitor and just let him go!

Petroche  "he stopped lovin' her today"

Kelly makes everyone happy when he sings lively, upbeat tunes like JoJo and makes darn near everyone cry with his beautiful version of butterfly kisses.

He cracked us all up when he sang this Stevie wonder tune...he donned sunglasses and began singing to the wall.
Kelly  "you are the sunshine of my life"

Tony (a.k.a. Hollywood) earned his nickname because of his totally all out performances. Tony loves to sing and his exuberance and energy is contagious.

Tony Rogerson "i'm going home" (rocky horror)
  Tony had never tried this song before..yet you'd swear it was written for him.

Scotty impressed us all with his ability to wrap both his mouth and his brain around all the lyrics to this one...
Scotty "one week"

I can't say enough good things about Alain...so I won't ;)

Kidding! Alain's a gem & we absolutely love having him at our shows!

Alain Nantel "bed of roses"

Martin Bertrand  

Christopher (Dog) is
one half of

& PONYSound

Christopher (Dog)

dog sings "barbie girl" (both parts)
  gettin' silly with "bang a gong"

Danni (Pony)
    "bobby mcgee" BARRYMORES the lost archives

Danni (Pony) is
the other half of

& PONYSound
"dreams"  a little "hair of the pony"
"purple rain" "touchatouchatoucha" pt1
"get here" "touchatouchatoucha" pt2

"Say Goodnight Gracie"

It has become a tradition at our shows to end each night by singing "amazing grace". Many of our friends stay until the very end for the opportunity to share this wonderful moment. Every night brings a different blend of voices and styles. Although the song is always different, the end result is always the same...a room full of tired, happy people come together in friendship and song.

    O'Brien's April 19 2002