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The DOG & PONY Wedding Album

April 3, 2004

A very special thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us on our Wedding Day.

It meant so much to us to have our family and friends share this precious moment in our lives.

We are two very fortunate people. Our lives are filled with love. We have a healthy happy family and fabulous friends who've helped to make this day a truly memorable one.

We wish to no particular order...

Moe, our "Miss Kitty",
who designed a theme and organized the decorations. Thanks too to everyone who helped Moe pull it off; Roxy, Liam, Cris & Cait (the kittens), and anyone else who worked behind the scenes.

Moe chose "patchwork" as our theme, knowing how it best represents who we are and what we've built together - celebrating a mosaic of people coming together in song.

Many fabric squares were laid about the room along with fabric markers that our guests might draw, doodle or write a little something from the heart. The squares will be made into a quilt that we can enjoy for many years.

Thank you Roxy for baking all those fabulous cookies for all of our guests! My favorite, but I think you've guessed that by now. The Wedding "Cookie" sure beat a traditional cake...I'm know I prefered the cookie crumbs down the front of my dress...

Thank you to Ali for designing all the flower arrangements and bouquets (we know "Boo" will treasure the bouquet she caught too).

Thank you Scotty! You are a man of many talents and facets. A man of God who also hosts a wicked karaoke show! We are lucky to know you and grateful that you performed our ceremony true to your nature, with love and humour.

Thanks to Marcel & Marie-France for making our honeymoon possible.

Thanks to Mike Heffernan, a.k.a. Binary Rhyme
for providing his professional photography skills, another amazing gift from heart.

Thanks to Brien who made his venue available and catered a lovely dinner. And thanks to Melissa and Sally who took wonderful care of all of our guests and made everyone feel welcome.

Thanks to our KJs who took turns running the party;
Delaney, Adam, Moe...And a huge thanks to a man with a huge heart. Neal...for running what must have seemed like the longest karaoke show EVER!

Thank You Everyone!
Thank you for the lovely cards and gifts, but mostly, thank you for your presence and wishes of love and happiness.

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