PAST PALS Of The Month

Marcel Champagne

It has been a privilege and an honor to have been a part of Marcel's life thus far; to witness the beginning of his relationship with the beautiful Marie-France and ultimately, their wedding just this year.

Marcel has not only honored us with his friendship, warmth, and unique humour, he has completely floored us with his wedding gift, a honeymoon in England.

Whatta Pal!

We are proud to name Marcel "Pal of the Month" for May 2004

Al LaBelle

Whether singing with friends at O'Brien's or Swizzles or commanding the Barrymore's stage with his amazing
Led Zepplin Tribute Band:
Al remains at all times, humble, inclusionary and gracious. a great showman & a great friend.

This has been a banner year for Al. He tried out for his 1st ever stage production, TOMMY and won the role of Hawker as well as numerous ensemble cast pieces. He ROCKED!

His band,
theviberemainsthesame (formerly known as Kashmir) has become a regular fixture at Barrymores.

We are proud to name Al "Pal of the Month" for June 2004

Alison Wilson

Alison has been one of our longest and strongest supporters.

She has been the 1st to have earned 20 paws
(having come out to support us at over 20 different venues).
[see: DOG & PONY Pals]

Singing and music are a family affair for Alison. She met her life partner, Doug while in a band. They hit it off and decided to make their own beautiful music together.
We are proud to name Ali "Pal of the Month" for July 2004

Scotty Buckley

Scotty has been one of our longest and strongest supporters.

After months of carrying his personal collection to our shows, Scotty actually donated his entire private collection and graciously allowed us to distribute the collection amongst the libraries for everyone to enjoy! Whatta Pal!

"What the hell", says Scotty, "I only ever sing at your shows anyways!"

  Buckley Collection
Donated to Library #42
Donated to Library #9¾

"... Yes, I admit that I work for one of the competition but..."

Scotty is not only a delight; a lovable, funny, and very talented young man, but he can spike a wicked volleyball too!
We are proud to name Scotty "Pal of the Month" for August 2004

Roxy Lebeau

is currently an
11 paw pal
[see: DOG & PONY Pals]

When her best friend Neal was recently called upon to manage operations while we were on our honeymoon, Roxy "ponied up" to help carry equipment and to support Neal at every show (despite having to get up for work the next day AND despite the fact that he wasn't her boyfriend...yet!)

Roxy can always be counted on to support her friends.

Congratulations to Neal & Roxy on their official coupledom (finally) ;)

Delightful, lovable, fun loving ...We are proud to call Roxy a Pal and a friend!
We are proud to name Roxy "Pal of the Month" for September 2004

Robert Harmer

The epitome of style...

When we think of style, grace & charm, Robert immediately comes to mind. He is a man of immense talent from designing some of the coolest clothes we've ever seen to infusing songs with his own unhurried timing and style.

One of the kindest and most gracious individuals, Robert makes everyone he touches feel special and invited.

Delightfully warm & loving
We are proud to call Robert
a Pal and a friend!

We are proud to name Rober "Pal of the Month" for October 2004

Mike Heffernan (aka Binary Rhyme aka Biny)

Mike dedicates himself to art, singing, photography, music, painting, sculpting...anything that tickles the senses and elevates the soul.

If you haven't met him by now (after 3 years of being a regular face at many of our shows and a 10 paw pal) you will know him soon. Mike has generously donated his photography skills over the years, covering such events as The Barrymores Revue, Pump Idol and Our Wedding.

Many of our singers have called upon him over the years for professional portfolio shots, weddings, and even band promotions.

Biny makes karaoke a family affair. He is regularly accompanied by his delightful daughters Beth (aka Boo), Rachael (aka Roo) and girlfriend (well, woman really) Wendy.

a Pal and a friend!
Warm & loving, generous and fun...
We are proud to call Mike Pal of the Month for November 2004

Visit The Binary Rhyme Website

Liam Nicholson (aka dingo)

Liam as Wolverine
Scaryoke 2004

When Liam lept off the Barrymore's stage, over the heads of the many people grooving and dancing and enjoying his performance.. we were both shocked & delighted. In short, he blew our minds.

Quiet reserved Liam just exploded all over the stage putting on a show for all to remember and proving he's got the stuff stars are made of.

We first met Liam at the Lonestar. He was the outgoing, friendly, fun server, we were the entertainment. When we left, Liam was our lovely parting gift. He began coming out to our other venues and is now an integral part of most of our shows.

This month, Liam is shooting an audition tape at Swizzles for Nashville Idol.
We wish him the very best.

We are proud to name Liam "Pal of the Month" for December 2004

Andrew Galligan (aka puppy)
Despite working for another respected karaoke company for many years, Andrew has been a wonderful friend and supporter of our shows. He has earned 17 paws (having been to 17 different venues).

Andrew is a talented singer and actor. He's kept us entertained over the years. We even got to see him naked as Berger in the hit play HAIR. ;)

We couldn't be more happy for him than when he found the light of his life, the lovely and alluring Cait (aka Glam Kitty). truth, we couldn't be happier for Cait either!

Andrew, a Pal and a friend...charming and fun...
We are proud to name Andrew "Pal of the Month" for January 2005

...and would ya just look at how cute he is...makes me wanna pinch his cheeks!

Pierre Perrier (aka Petey)

Pete is one of the sweetest people we've ever met. Gentle and sweet with a powerhouse of a voice that'll blow your socks off!

Congratulations to Pete and Sue on their recently acquired new house.

Thank you for your friendship Pete!
Pete, a Pal and a friend...gracious and charming...
We are proud to name Pete "Pal of the Month" for February 2005

Monique L'Heureux (aka Miss Kitty)

Monique is probably best known as "Miss Kitty", one of the hardest working hosts in show business, but she is also a dear friend & a bonified D&P pal having earned many paws.

Thank you Moe, for your committment, dedication and friendship!
We are proud to name Moe "Pal of the Month" for March 2005

Stephane Richard
(aka Llama aka dude)

Steph, a.k.a "dude" is our lil' Llama on our message forum coz he's cute, fuzzy & ....spits?

Rain, snow, sleet & hail..over the hills and far far away... our dude has travelled to the furthest reaches of this fair city and to lands previously unknown to earn his paws. Whatta Pal!

We are proud to spotlight Steph as our Pal of The Month ~ June 2005

Neal Bouffard (aka Wildcat)

Neal has been our eyes, ears, arms & heart on more than one occassion.

We first met Neal when he was regular singer at one of our venues. He quickly became a multi-pawed pal, then host, then General Manager as well as a dear friend. In fact, Neal was trusted with our business while we went gallivanting about the UK on our honeymoon. I don't think we can ever truly repay him for his care or his stress levels (especially given that he was holding down a full time job and attending University at the time).

Neal took some time off after our return to go on a little vacation with his best friend Roxy. Upon their return they announced they were finally a couple.
Neal & Roxy have been very busy buying a house, painting, moving, settling, working and schooling. With exams out of the way, Neal is freed up once again to join us more often on the singin' circuit.

We are proud to name Neal "Pal of the Month" for May 2005

Terry (aka Coyote)

How could you not love this face. Terry is funny (but looks aren't everything). He's also warm and kind and very devoted to friends and family.

Terry is not only a valued friend, he's also a D&P host (how could he not be? He's a natural, afterall, he does look just like Lorne the demon karaoke host from Buffy).
<-- Mouse over this pic to make Terry say"blah blah blah blah blah..."
Oh yes, Terry is sooo much fun to tease and such a good sport. Aw...muffin!!!

Even when the "sno-belly" posse struck (yet again).

Given that Terry is such a good sport, it's only fair that a way-cuter-than-the-sno-belly-posse should attack in mid song.

Thanks Terry, for your friendship, support, dedication and teamwork.

We are proud to name Terry "Pal of the Month" for June 2005

Ian McLeod

Almost 4 years ago, a sweet young man sang and sang and sang with us one night before Christmas. Suddenly, he had to run to catch his bus back to Montreal? Toronto? Not that it matters really. He missed that bus and the rest is history. Ian has been a good friend and good Pal ever since.


of Ian

We are proud to name Ian "Pal of the Month" for July 2005

Larry J

A talented singer, an awesome performer, a supportive friend, a loving father & partner...

Larry is one of the most beloved Pals. How can you not love a man a sweet and loving and fun as Larry?

We are proud to name Larry "Pal of the Month" for August 2005


We are proud to spotlight Richie as our
Pal of The Month ~ September 2005


Cheryl (Crow)

We are proud to spotlight Cheryl as our
Pal of The Month ~ October 2005

Cheryl brings her shining spirit, beautiful smile and warmth where ever she goes.

Never one to grandstand, Cheryl is always happy to share the spotlight with friends and family.

Mother, sister, daughter, friend, Cheryl is many things to many people but she is always herself.
Family is intensly important to Cheryl. She is always happy to share music & laughter with her brother, sister and children.
We are proud to name Cheryl "Pal of the Month" for October 2005

Cris (Stray)

We are proud to spotlight Cris as our
Pal of The Month ~ November 2005

Cris is one of the "kittens". The Stray one to be exact.
Though she never strays far from a d&p show ;)

Always ready to lend a hand as a "doo wop chick"

Cris is a talented singer and a gifted writer.
Here's a short story she shared with us:

Gun Smoke And Cigarettes © c. ruggiero (stray)

She had been staring at the wall in front of her for a long time, gazing lifelessly at the patterns that emerged from the deep wallpaper. Even the bodies and shadows that passed before her could not avert her gaze. The hardwood was cold beneath her legs, and the inert body lay still and heavy on her lap. Her left arm cradled his head, the unseeing eyes still open. Her right hand shook, and was held in the air as if poised to go to her mouth. Between her trembling fingers she held a cigarette. It was now a pillar of ashes and the embers had burned her lithe fingers. She took no notice of this until the police officer plucked the smoldering stem from her blistering hand. [click to read entire story]

Shanon & Barb
(Sheep Dog & Sheep)

Pals of The Month ~ December 2005

Ardent lovers of karaoke, good friends & great sports, Shanon & Barb are always up for a challenge. They'll try anything once!

...getting the family involved.


We are proud to name Shanon & Barb "Pals of the Month"
for December 2005

PAL Of The Month: Jan 2006

(aka Vic Viscount aka Gecko)

Pal of The Month ~ January 2006

We're very proud to name Adam Pal of the Month.

A natural ham (kosher of course) Adam's always ready to entertain.

Adam has helped us to support numerous charities and causes over the years. Just this past year, Adam raised over $700 for Cancer Research at Pump Idol and donated numerous toys to the "In The Spirit of Christmas" campaign.
Thank You Adam!
We are proud to name Adam of "Pal of the Month"
for January 2006

PAL Of The Month: Feb 2006

(aka Cheetah)

Pal of The Month
~ February 2006 ~

Kathleen; poet, singer, teacher, friend..

Kathleen is made of patience...not only is she is married to the irrepressible Coyote but she is dedicated to her chosen profession, teaching. During the school year she's not able to come out to play as often as she would like. But when she does she more than makes up for it!
We are proud to name Kathleen "Pal of the Month"
for February 2006

PAL Of The Month: March 2006


Pal of The Month
~ March 2006 ~

Time is a funny thing..not a funny as Rasta maybe...but a funny thing nonetheless.

Rasta was with us in Ottawa for what feels like an incredibly short time and yet he managed to earn 15 paws during his stay before being shipped back to Halifax.

Rasta is equal parts cheerleader, entertainer and fool :)
Of course we couldn't honor him when he was here with us as that would have made his head swell...then his hat's wouldn't fit anymore.
psst...his real name is Tom ;)
We are proud to name Rasta"Pal of the Month"
for March 2006


Pal of The Month
~ April 2006 ~


She's just so darned cute we thought we'd let her pics do ALL the talkin'.

Cait (Glam Kitten)

Pal of The Month
~ May 2006 ~



We are proud to name Cait "Pal of the Month"
for May 2006

Robyn (rabbit)

Pal of The Month
~ June 2006 ~

Robyn is 1 part dusty owl, 1 part rabbit and 1 part cougar bait (pretty balanced if you ask us).
When Pals collide...

It was "Dog Day" 2005 when Robyn the rabbit and Scotty the cougar connected..
...they've been inseprable since.
...and soon,
...very soon,
will be wed!
We are proud to name Robyn "Pal of the Month"
for June 2006

Chris Labelle

Pal of The Month
~ July 2006 ~

This is the summer for Chris having made
Canadian Idol's Top 18
"Vote Like Hell for Chris Labelle"
We are proud to name Chris "Pal of the Month"
for July 2006

Susan Lorden

Pal of The Month
~ August 2006 ~

Susan's love for dogs and ponies makes her a perfect match for this stable. Okay, actually, it's her love of music and good people that makes her a perfect match but I like to think dogs and ponies have something to do with it.

This is Susan's dog Syra sitting on Sneakers the pony.
Susan's always ready to lend a hand whether designated driver or d&p volunteer.

Thank you susan for all your support over the years.
We are proud to name Susan "Pal of the Month"
for August 2006

KatieKachiPetroSoap Richardson

Pal of The Month
~ September 2006 ~

Katie, our jellyfish is aptly named; ethereal and graceful, seemingly delicate and intangible yet equipped with formidable defenses.

With the mind of a philosopher, heart of an explorer, thirst for knowledge and understanding of culture, society and humanity as that of a sociological anthropologist, the quest for truth as a theologian, and the spirit of an artist she would have been equally welcomed at the hearth of Henry David Thoreau or 60's cultural icon Richard Brautigan.

Often accused of
" living more in your head than you do in the world", I think perhaps she may actually live more in this world than the rest of us do. Katie has happily observed..."... fascination comes from those who aren't me (heyyyyy LET'S call them EVERYONE)

"there's a lot to wonder about.


I like asking questions that cannot have a quick answer.
I like asking questions that cannot be answered. I like to wonder. I'd rather wonder than know. I wonder if that's how other agnostic-ish people think..."

" I like how anything can be used as a metaphor.

take, for example, this rusted paperclip.
though rusted, it's still as useful as ever.

"I have relatives in germany unless they're dead now
(I don't know).
it must be so cool.
(to be german, not dead.)

german's are so very intense.
I wish I was intense."

"...everyone's a puppet
various strings holding us up
friends, family, work

stress is when every string is pulling you so tightly that you can't move
and yet without even one of those strings, you're at a disadvantage

so does becoming a 'real boy' mean your family is dead, you have no friends and you're on welfare? or does it mean you're able to be as independent as anyone could be...

no. there's a reason there's magic in fairy tales. "


"...I am not to you who I am to someone else and I'm sure I never will be."
"...maybe the reason 'real boys' can cry and puppets can't is that the puppets don't need to..."

"I once read an article in a local gay magazine
that transvestite queens were being ostrasized
because traditionally, drag queens were supposed to be men!

it's like a right-wing society within a left-wing community. "

"..there's a lot more to being open-minded than giving yourself the label.."

...a prolific writer with a fresh perspective on the everyday. Catch more of the wonderful world of jelly on her lj:
or visit her website:

We are proud to name Katie"Pal of the Month"
for September 2006

Steve Muss

Pal of The Month
~ October 2006 ~

Possibly the very 1st Dog & Pony Pal,
the 1st DOG & PONY host.

Steve is one of the sweetest and most talented people we know; a sensitive artist (songwriter, performer) talented audio technician and passionate singer.

Muss MusicSteve has much to share including his state-of-the art recording studio Muss Music Productions.

Steve is a gifted
singer / songwriter who performs his poignant songs with a deep passion and pain that will draw you in.

Solo recordings:

The Walls Fall Down
Nothing Left To Lose

Steve also performs with his band

More Than You'll Ever Know
(live)- written by Steve Muss & Sean Rochon
Daddy Only Knows (live) - written by Steve Muss & North Easton
Only In My Dreams (live) - written by Steve Muss

Jennifer Jean
(aka Nightingale)

Pal of The Month
~ November 2006 ~

Lovely and talented Jenn is a studying music at Carleton University. She is flirty and fun and a delightful addition to the stables.

Jason Cavanaugh
(aka Warthog)

Pal of The Month
~ December 2006 ~

quirky and funny, offbeat and slightly warped, Jason is a delightful addition to the stables.

He comes from a long line of quirky, offbeat and fun people too!

Aunt "Cheetah", Uncle "Coyote" and sis "Tabby"

Mom "Parrot, Aunt "Cheetah", Uncle "Coyote", Warthog and Tabby.

Coco Richardson
(aka Puffin)

Pal of The Month
~ January 2007~

Happy Birthday Coco - January 7
Coco will be celebrating her birthday at O'Brien's on Saturday the 6th.

Coco is a 15 paw pal, having been to 15 different D&P venues over the years.

Lexx White
(aka Pitbull)

Pal of The Month
~ February 2007~

The man of 1000 faces

We can't remember a day when Lexx was NOT a pal.

(aka Kalico)

Pal of The Month
~ March 2007~


Bruce (aka Bear)
Pal of The Month
~ APRIL 2007~

Bruce is a loveable gentle bear of a man, warm, funny and sweet. He has been coming out, having fun and playing nice for as long as we've know him (and we're damn proud to know him) :)

Geordie (aka geordiepants)
Pal of The Month
~ MAY 2007~

Many faces of Geordie

Speaking of "a while back", Geordie is one of our longest "pals" going back to the earlier days of Bottom's Up and Polo.

. He doesn't seem to age. I'm pretty sure it's that pact he made a while back. ;)

Geordie is truly a pal
& a friend.

We are proud to name Geordie "Pal of the Month"
May 2007

Laura (Mink) & Rick (prairie dog)
Pals of The Month
~ JUNE 2007~


We are proud to name Laura & Rick "Pals of the Month"
June 2007

Scotty Porter (cougar)
Pal of The Month
~ October 2007~

Ya know how you sometimes take family for granted...

Scotty is long
overdue as

Dashing and dark, with a sleak cougar-like body (hence the name), Scotty is easily recognized in a crowd.

Now there's a man who loves to sing!

We are proud to name Scotty "Pal of the Month"
October 2007

Ronda (rockin' ronda)
Pal of The Month
~ February 2008~

Ronda is one of the most delightful people we have ever come to know.

Charming, sweet and always upbeat!

We are proud to name Ronda "Pal of the Month"
February 2008

Grant (eagle)
Pal of The Month
~ March 2008~

Grant has long been the keeper of memories for us, for his friends, for himself.

He's devoted much of his time to charity and acts of thoughtful kindnessess.

So it should come as no surprise that Grant has put his heart and soul into his own business dedicated to remembering and celebrating loved ones.

Grant's new store,
"The Party Man"
openned just this past winter at
Bank at Hunt Club.

It is the place to pick up that special something for that special someone.


Everything you need to celebrate: balloons, party decorations, cards
...and if you're looking for naughty novelies, all ya gotta do is ask!

We are proud to name Grant "Pal of the Month"
March 2008

Martin (housemartin)
Pal of The Month
~ April 2008~

Martin has been a D&P pal for several years. He's best known as our housemartin due to his beautiful voice.

Although Martin is a little camera shy, we're really really glad he's not mic shy too as his voice can bring a grown man to tears.



We are proud to name Martin "Pal of the Month"
April 2008

Christa (silver)
Pal of The Month
~ June 2008~

'sing, dance, flirt, play' is not just a tag line anymore. With Christa it's a way of life. She's been pawed 10 times (that we know of). ;)

"Pal of the Month" for
June 2008

PAL Of The Month

Jean (flying frog)
Pal of The Month
~ May 2008~

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's Jean !!!

flying frog and air guitar aficionado

"Pal of the Month" for
May 2008

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