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Volume 8 Issue 12

straight from the pony's mouth


our next pal
of the month

could be you!

Each month we feature a different Pal as a thank you to those special people who have shared their support and friendship not only with us, but with the entire community.

check your pal status
update your pal status
past pals of the month

You can also update your pal status at any of our shows. See your host for a -We Don't Wanna Miss A Pal- form.


Happy Birthday to our
December Pals!

  7 Cory
13 Laura B.
11 Delaney
20 Mike S.
26 Libby
27 DanO
31 SteveO

23 Mike & Wendy's anniversary

Add your name to the Pals Birthday Calendar

lChanukah begins 15
Winter Solstice 22
lChristmas Eve 24
lChristmas Day 25
lBoxing Day 26
lNew Years Eve 31

...and now for some unusual, fun & whack

-Bingo's Birthday Month
-Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month
-National Drunk & Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month
-National Stress-free Family Holidays Month
-National Sign Up for Summer Camp Month
-National Tie Month
-Safe Toys and Gifts Month
-Spiritual Literacy Month
-Take a New Year's Resolution to Stop Smoking (12/10 - 2/17)
-Universal Human Rights Month

-Fig 1-7
-World Communication 1-7
-Dear Santa Letter 5-9
-Kids' Goal Setting 6-10
-World Kindness 7-13
-Animal Shelter Appreciation 7-13
-Pursuit of Happiness 8-14
-Farm-City 17-23
-Family 19-25
-Game & Puzzle 19-25
-Bible 19-26
-Better Conversation 20-26
-Travelers with Disabilities 11/26 - 12/3

-Bifocals at the Monitor -Liberation Day:1
-Day With(out) Art Day:1
-World Aids Day:1
-Intl Day for the Abolition of Slavery:2
-Coats for Kids Day:2
-Special Education Day:2
-Intl Day of Disabled Persons:3
-Chase's Calendar of Events Birthday:4
-Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day:4
-National Dice Day:4
-Bathtub Party Day:5
-International Volunteer Day for Economic & Social Development:5
-National Communicate with Your Baby Day:5
-Ntnl Pawnbrokers Day:6
-Special Kids Day:6
-St. Nicholas Day:6
-National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day:7
-Intl Civil Aviation Day:7
-Day Of The Horse:9
-Intl Shareware Day:9
-Human Rights Day:10
-Intl Mountain Day:11
-Gingerbread House Day:12
-Poinsettia Day:12
-Bill of Rights Day:15
-Cat Herders Day:15
-Underdog Day:15
-Barbie & Barney Backlash Day:16
-Wright Brothers Day:17
-Intl Migrants Day:18
-Sacagawea Day:20
-Mudd Day:20
-Forefathers Day:21
-Humbug Day:21
-Phileas Fogg Win A Wager Day:21
-World Peace Day/Winter Solstice:21
-Abilities Day:22
-A'Phabet Day or No "L" Day:25
-Boxing Day:26
-National Whiner's Day:26
-Pledge of Allegiance Day:28
-Tick Tock Day:29
-No Interruptions Day:29
-Leap Second Time -Adjustment Day:31
-Make Up Your Mind Day:31
-One Voice Day:31
-Universal Hour of Peace Day:31
-World Peace Meditation Day:31

Adding your birthday to the Calendar has never been easier. Simply add your birthday to your profile when you join the forum and it will automatically appear on the calendar each year.

You can also add special events such as your birthday party. Let us all know where and when you will be celebrating.

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Happy Chrismakwanzaakah!


Christmas Eve:
Karaoke with both Dog & Pony at

Christmas Day:
Swizzles 3rd Annual Christmas Day Dinner
in support of the AIDS Committee of Ottawa!

turky & stuffing & mashed potatoes & gravy & veggies
& friendship & music...

Pay what you can for your turkey dinner.
All proceeds benefit the A.C.O.

(take out plates available for only $5)

Swizzles will also donate 15% of all bar sales between
5-7pm to the A.C.O.
and is collecting canned goods for the Living Room!

Doors open at 2pm, Dinner starts at 4pm.
Dog & Pony will be attending
Everyone Welcome!

New Years Eve:
Karaoke at Swizzles with Pony & Friends
New Years Eve Nerdapalooza!

Whip out your pocket protectors and suspenders and embrace your inner sci-fi loving, jock fearing, Dungeons & Dragons playing nerdy selves! Come out dressed like a geek and celebrate like a dork!

Dog & Pony Sound Karaoke from 9 - Midnight,
followed by Tarah Deelite and DJ Justin Case!

Party Favors!
A Midnight Surprise!
"Best Dressed" Nerd Prize!

$10 Cover after 8pm.
A portion of the door to be donated to the M.S. Society

l Venue News: LookOut's Star of the Month Contest 1st Tuesday of every month
l Staff News: Who's doing what where and with who?
l Pal News: Paws for thought: Christa shares her story
l Pal Birthdays: birthdays, birthdays, birthdays,
l Singing Tips: "Hoarseness: The Top 5 Causes & How to Avoid It"
l Library News: Once More With Dog & Pony Sound (It's Buffilicious)
l What's The Deal With... our song numbering system?
l Show Schedule: December 2008  [Print Monthly Calendar]

Winter can be harsh on vocal cords, especially the dry forced air from most furnaces and heating systems. In this newsletter we bring you tips on hydrating your throat during the harsh winter climate. Plus we explain our song numbering system and bring you exciting news about more new shows & special events...

December marks Bathtub Party Day on the 5th, Day Of The Horse on the 9th and Cat Herders Day on the 15th. [more]

We bring you tidings of another new venue this month: Give a great big DOG & PONY style welcome to Woody's, 330 Elgin St. Sundays with Hound.

Don't forget to get your PAL Card punched. If you don't yet have your wallet sized card to keep track of the paws you've earned, ask your host for your Pal Card.
[see Pal News for more info]

What's The Deal With..?. This month we take a look at and explain our song numbering system.


Only the first 12 singers to sign up before 9:30
will be entered into the contest.

A ballot will be issued with every drink purchased. At the end of the night, the singer with the most votes will be named

will receive a $25 bar tab that night
a $25 tab for every karaoke tuesday night for the rest of that month




292 Elgin St.
(Ottawa Center)

Wednesday Dec. 17
will be our last show at the bytown

[map] [photos] [schedule]


202 Sparks St.
(Ottawa Center)

Thursdays w/Dog

...and the fun just keeps getting funnier!

[map] [photos] [schedule]


212 Sparks St.
(Ottawa Center)

Mondays w/Hound

...why go over the edge
when you can go under?

[map] [photos] [schedule]


349 Dalhousie St.
(Ottawa Market)

Sundays w/Stray
Wednesdays w/Hound

...the late late long late shows

[map] [photos] [schedule]


41 York St.
(Ottawa Market)

Tuesdays w/Dog

...more bias free fun in the market!

[map] [photos] [schedule]


1145 Heron Rd.
(Ottawa South)

Fridays -
Saturdays - w/Dog

unlike rust...the party never sleeps

[map] [photos] [schedule]


1475 Richmond Rd. (Ottawa West)

w/Ocelot 9pm-1am
Thursdays w/Hound 9pm-1am the west was sung

[map] [photos] [schedule]


Bank & Laurier (Ottawa Center)

1st Saturday
of every month
w/Ocelot 9pm-1am

[map] [photos] [schedule]


344 Richmond Rd.
(Ottawa West)

Fridays 9pm-1am w/Stray
...because westboro rocks!

[map] [photos] [schedule]


246 Queen St.
(Ottawa Center)

Sundays w/Dog 9:30pm-1:30am
Wednesdays w/Pony
Fridays w/Dog
...enjoy a threesome every week

[map] [photos] [schedule]


330 Elgin St. (Ottawa Center)

Sundays w/Hound 10pm-2am
...woo hoo! another late late show!

[map] [photos] [schedule]

STAFF NEWS & direct from the stables

(all our hosts are guaranteed to be 100% alive at all times,
except for Richie. We make no promises on his behalf).




Dog gets frisky Tuesdays at The LookOut, and can also be found wagging various things Thursdays at The Cock & Lion, Fridays at Swizzles, Saturdays at O'Brien's and Sundays at Swizzles.

Our kittens have most of the week covered. Stray hosts the party every Sunday at GoGo's and Friday at Puzzles, Kitty hosts the fun at the Bytown Wednesdays until dxec. 17th, while Ocelot, hosts the party at Royal Britannia every Monday and the 1st Saturday of every month at the Royal Oak on Bank at Laurier.

Hound hosts the fun at Woody's every Sunday, every Monday at The Edge, Wednesdays at GoGo's, and the Royal Britannia every Thursday.

and now...

Pony can also be found hosting the fun every Wednesday at Swizzles and Friday at O'Brien's.



Kibbles 'n Bits:

Pal's Personal Stories:
I started talking at a very young age and immediately started putting those words to tune. Reading started shortly there after. So with a love of singing and the early ability to read you can imagine my glee when my parents brought me out for breakfast one Sunday and there was a little TV with a mic hooked up from the night before. As soon as the nice man told me that the TV would play music with no lyrics but the words would show up on the screen for reading and sing-a-long…well, I had to try it. One round of Whitney Houston later and that 8 year old was hooked. Eventually the bar/diner stopped keeping the karaoke machine out for breakfast patrons and I went into karaoke hibernation.
Music and performing still played a very important role in my life though.

I sang in Ottawa Central Choir, church choir, school choirs but more importantly, I was taken to musicals. In high school I traveled to New York and got a taste of the real deal, Broadway baby, Broadway!
Soon adult life kicked in and music took a back seat until one day a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to karaoke.

Oh…I used to do that as a kid, I’m sure as an adult it would be way more fun! So I dabbled here and there when I could but never really found a place I liked. One evening I was in dire need of a night out so I Googled “Ottawa Karaoke” and discovered there was a place right near by that had karaoke on Fridays & Saturdays…the company had a funny kinda name, a kinda funny logo and a really fantastic library, my kinda place.

Soon I found myself there every weekend I could. Not long after that I was going to more of their venues. The people were so much warmer than other karaoke places. Just having the stones to get up and sing garnered applause and after a short while I found myself missing not only the singing but the folk too.

Singing and music has gotten me through a lot of rough times, knowing there’s a friendly face, an appropriate song and a tonne of laughs waiting is what turned this closet karaoke junkie into a proud Dog & Pony Pal.
        ~Christa (Silver Fox)

Submit Your Personal Story for Publication.
Let us know what karaoke and community has meant to you.

Stay in touch with pals through our message forum or join the Pals on Facebook.

Our forum is the 1st place to learn about special events, parties, newest songs and what's happening in the community
the same day we do. I post the newest songs on the forum the day they arrive (although it may take several more days to get the information on the website or printed in the new additions songbooks).

Some areas of the forum are specifically for local patrons and are only accessible to registered users. Drop me a quick message when you register so I can adjust your access.

See our permanently "pawed" pals here.


Puppy Paw Pals have sung at 2 (or more) of our venues and have earned a paw for each venue.

Pony Paw Pals support our singers by coming out to 2 or more venues to enjoy the show.
check your own pal status online
update your pal status

Pocket Pal Paw Cards
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(collect the whole set)

all our hosts are equiped with:
Pal cards & punches
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What is a DOG & PONY Pal? Update Your Pal Status

Q: How can I become a DOG & PONY Pal?
A: Come out and play at 2 or more of our venues!

Green Pal Card
2 - 9 paws

Receive a $50 discount on private party bookings.

Blue Pal Card
10-19 paws

Receive a $100 discount on private party

Red Pal Card
20-29 paws

Receive a $125 discount on private party bookings.

Platinum Pal Card
30+ paws
Receive a $150 discount on private party

[limit: 2 pal discounts per year]

What's The Deal With...

...Our Song Numbering System?
Understanding Our Song Codes:

ALL karaoke disks as not created equal. There are many different manufacturers of karaoke disks.

CD+G Manufacturer Differences
CD+G Manufacturers vary widely in quality. This is due in part to the relatively young age of the industry. RCA has been recording for almost 80 years while Karaoke has existed for less than 20.

Karaoke music tracks are recorded by studio, computer and midi musicians and not the original artists, therefore, the skills of the players, sound engineer and studio manager have a great impact on the outcome.

Some studios do a better job of recreating music as it was originally recorded.

Another major factor in disk quality is the philosophy and practices of the manufacturer. Some companies record in a lower key in an attempt to make songs easier to sing. Others truncate musical breaks so singers don't stand around on stage with nothing to do. Still other may include an extra keyboard line that approximates the vocals to help those unfamiliar with the tune known as a "guide vocal".

Karaoke CD+Gs are often recorded at different levels. Some of them record very quietly while others tend to record very loudly.

As a general rule, Sound Choice and Sing To The World manufacture the best quality karaoke tracks. Sweet Georgia Brown disks often sound muddy with a very heavy bottom end. Backstage and Music Maestro are recorded at extremely low volumes and tends to be very thin and empty sounding requiring additional boasting from the mixing desk.

North American and UK based companies typically have more accurate lyric wipes than Eastern European and Asian based companies. North American & U.K. companies are also more likely to have paid the appropriate royalties for the rights to recreate the songs. Hence, Sound Choice no longer markets anything owned by Don Henley, Disney, or ABKCO as these Artists/Companies refuse to allow rights to reproduce their materials.

Our disc numbering system
Our disc numbers are comprised of four or five initial digits. The first one or two digits identify the manufacturer; the remaining two (or three) identify the disc within a series and the final two digits identify the track number.

For Example:
if you saw Play That Funky Music 8176-08 in our song libraries, the disk number would tell you that it is a SoundChoice recreation. Where the # 8 indicates Sound Choice and the last 2 digits indicate the track number. You are encouraged to pick a song with an "8" or "9" as the 1st digit as opposed to a "1" .

Our Song Codes:
10xx Sweet Georgia Brown
11xx Pocket Songs / Just Tracks
12xx Sunfly
13xx Hellavu Disk, RCA, UBest, Ultra Sonic, UKK
14xx Backstage / Standing Ovation
15xx Nikkado/NuTech (SAVA & SAVP)
16xx Music Maestro
17xx Legends / Baseline
18xx Priddis
19xx AmeriSing
20xx Coast 2 Coast, BCI, A1, Cool /Star/Hip Tracks, DJ Choice, misc
21xx Dangerous
22xx Sing It Now
23xx Performance Trax
24xx Sybersounds (Party Tyme)
25xx Chartbuster
26xx Chartbuster
28xx Madacy Karaoke Party
29xx Song Factory
32xx Doctor Music
34xx Hot stuff Karaoke Hits
35xx Mega CDG
36xx Radio Starz
37xx Country Starz
39xx Star Disc
400x Karaoke Maker
404x Sing King
407x Gamesman
41xx Zoom Entertainment
42xx TipTop
45xx Top Tunes
5xxxx Pop Hits/Rock Hits Today/Monthly
6xxxx Country/Nashville Hits Today/Monthly
7xxx DK Karaoke
8xxx Sound Choice
9xxx Sing To The World

Notice the 1st digits range from 1-9 which helps to indicate the general quality of the manufacturer.

Poor: Backstage, Standing Ovation (14xx)
Good: Ameri-sing (19xx), Sing It Now (22xx)
Better: Radio Starz (3xxx), Pop/Rock.Urban Monthly (5xxxx)
Best: Sound Choice (8xxx), Sing to the World (9xxx)

This is not an absolute. Personal preference plays a huge part in which track you will enjoy.

next month: what's the deal with...color coded libraries?


They are posted on the forum and website as we do with all new songs as soon as they arrive.

Once More With DOG & PONY Sound...
It's BUFFY!!!!
It's BUFFY!!!! "....they got the mustard out!"

Sarah Michelle-Gellar -Going Through The Motions 1281-01
Amber Benson - Under Your Spell 1281-02
Emma Caulfield/Nicholas Brendon - I'll Never Tell 1281-03
James Marsters - Rest In Peace 1281-04
Michelle-Gella/Marsters - Something To Sing About 1281-05
Alison Krauss -It Doesn't Matter 1281-06
Sundays - Wild Horses 1281-07
Garbage - Temptation Waits 1281-08
Curve - Chinese Burn 1281-09
Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You 1281-10
Hepburn - I Quit 1281-11
Black Lab - Keep Myself Awake 1281-12
Four Star Mary - Pain 1281-13
Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You 1281-14
Sarah McLachlan - Prayer Of Saint Francis 1281-15

Libraries Online
Online master database:

3 libraries at a glance (the wholy trinity)
Library #42 by Artist
Library #42 by Title
Library #9¾ by Artist
Library #9¾ by Title
Library #33.3 by Artist
Library #33.3 by Title
French songs
Guide to understanding our song codes
Children's songs

easy popup & print: [weekly calendar] [monthly calendar]


The Top 5 Causes & How to Avoid It"
by Tammy Frederick

Maybe you are like many singers who have experienced a dry, gravelly voice the morning after a hard night of singing. You may not be too concerned about this vocal roughness if you are able to rest your voice for a few days, but what if you have to perform again tonight? What if tonight’s performance has to be the best of your life? Now, the state of your voice becomes all consuming.

How can I fix it? Is there some miracle liquid I can drink? How much water can I drink before the show?

Although there are some tactics that will help ease hoarseness, curing chronic hoarseness permanently begins long before it even happens and it involves dealing with the number of factors that cause it.

Cause #1 - Poor Vocal Technique

The number one cause of hoarseness and vocal fatigue is poor vocal technique. If you find you get hoarse after performing or rehearsing it is very likely that you are singing with a high larynx. To make matters worse, you are probably forcing large amounts of air through this high larynx by shouting or singing loudly.

The larynx goes up when the throat muscles or swallowing muscles engage and yank it up in their effort to help you reach those higher notes. When this occurs the larynx becomes unstable and tension sets in. Then, in your effort and determination to hit those high notes you force a lot of air through the larynx, increasing the volume, and essentially muscling your way through the range of the song. This sets you up for a prime case of hoarseness. All that pulling and pushing and forcing of air has fatigued your vocal cords and they have swollen. When this happens the cords are no longer able to connect properly, affecting the quality of your sound and seriously hindering your vocal range.

Solution: Seek out competent vocal training. Competent training is key, since there are many teachers out there who can do more harm than good. If you can’t afford training, try some practice techniques. Practice your songs quietly, but don’t hold your breath. Breathe while you sing. You will have more control over your sound if the vocal cords are able to adjust to the pitches you need without the extra-added musculature. Try singing other genres of music and songs that are not like your own. Think of it as cross training for your voice. A more immediate solution would be to lower the keys of your songs so as to avoid having to push and strain for the top notes. If you take time to develop your instrument you can increase your range and up the key again later.

Cause #2 - Inadequate or No Vocal Warm-up

It is shocking to me how many singers come into my studio with the complaint of chronic hoarseness and when asked if they warm-up before performing the answer is no! Always, always, always warm up your instrument! How long would an athlete last if they did not warm up their body prior to competing? Singing through your songs ahead of time is not a sufficient warm-up. You need to vocalize beyond the range of your songs.

Solution: Warm up your instrument before any performance, recording or practice session. If you work with a vocal teacher you should already have a vocal warm up recorded. Otherwise, find a keyboard and run through some scales using liprolls or tongue trills and words such as “mum” and “woof”. The key to a good warm-up is to make sure you are breathing and not straining. Also include a physical warm-up. Do some general stretching to loosen up your limbs. Despite what some people may think going on stage “raw” only makes for inconsistent performances. And in any business, not just music, consistency is what makes for a successful career.

Cause #3 - Smoking, Alcohol and Coffee

Smoking, alcohol and coffee all do the same thing to the body, they dehydrate it. In order to function optimally the vocal cords need a certain amount of lubrication. When the body is dehydrated the vocal cords can become irritated. More pecifically with smoking the heat from the smoke cause the cords to swell, the cords then become thicker, making it more difficult to hit higher notes. I have heard horror stories of people who have started smoking to increase their bottom range - thicker cords produce lower sounds (because of the swelling) but at what expense to the longevity of your vocal career, not to mention your overall health. Competent vocal training can also increase your range – healthfully. Even if you are a non-smoker but sing, reside, or work in a
smoky environment your vocal health will be compromised.

Solution: I know I may not be able to convince the smokers to quit but my general advice to all is to stay hydrated. Drink water throughout the day. Drinking only during a performance or recording session isn’t enough; your body needs to be hydrated long before you start singing. If you drink coffee and alcohol try to match your consumption,
drink for drink, with an equal amount of water. If you like to drink tea for your throat, keep it as natural as possible. I suggest licorice root steeped in hot water and then cooled to room temperature. Drinking liquids at either end of the extreme is not good for the voice so keep drinks as close to room temperature as tolerable.

Cause #4 - Excessive Throat Clearing

Excessive throat clearing can also cause hoarseness. When you clear your throat your cords slam together. If done excessively they will swell and fatigue. The need to clear our throat is usually a result of excess phlegm or mucous sitting on the cords.

Solution: Avoid consuming phlegm-inducing foods such as dairy products, chocolate and orange juice. Try to avoid eating right before a erformance or practice session. After eating, extra mucous is produced making it hard for the vocal cords to perform optimally. However, it takes a lot of energy to sing, so singing with no fuel in your body can be equally detrimental. Eat a regular meal a few hours before you have to perform and then eat a small snack about 45 minutes before you go on. If you need to clear your throat, cough and swallow instead followed by a drink of water.

Cause #5 - Illness and Fatigue

It goes without saying that if you are sick with a cold or the flu you will not be able to sing at your optimum. In a case of laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx) your cords are not able to stay connected due to the excessive swelling caused by a bacteria infection. If you suffer from chronic sore throats or laryngitis it is safe to say that you are physically run down. Fatigue will take a toll on the body and prevent the body from being able to deal with the stresses faced throughout a day. Our bodies are exposed to bacteria and viruses on a daily basis and if we are well rested our body has the ability to fight it off, if however, we are fatigued, under nourished and dehydrated the body’s ability to fight off these invaders is diminished significantly.

Solution: The key to vocal health is overall health. It is imperative that you take care of yourself. Eat well, drink water, and definitely get an adequate amount of sleep. Even grabbing a quick nap can make a big difference in your body’s defense system. If you find yourself battling with a cold or flu remember to avoid singing with a sore throat.
Singing with a sore throat is like walking on a sprained ankle. Give yourself adequate time to rest and recover.

It is completely possible to have a vocal career free of hoarseness but it takes time and care to eradicate it permanently. Take the time to adjust your vocal habits and you will be able to deliver a consistent performance every time you sing and if you take care of your vocal health, it will ultimately take care of you.

Reprinted with kind permission from Tammy Frederick, columnist for Canadian Musician Magazine and professional vocal instructor who offers private lessons and voice workshops through her studio Tammy Frederick's Voice Studio in Toronto, Ontario.

Visit her website at:


Weekly DOG & PONY sound Shows for December 2008

SunSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
SunGo Go's,
349 Dalhousie St. 9pm-2am w/Stray
330 Elgin St. 10pm-2am w/Hound

MonRoyal Britannia Pub, 1475 Richmond Rd. 9pm-1am w/Ocelot
MonEdge Pub, 212 Sparks St. 9pm-1am w/Hound

TuesLookOut, 41 York St. 9pm-1am w/Dog

WedSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Pony
WedGo Go's, 349 Dalhousie St. 10pm-2am w/Hound

ThursRoyal Britannia Pub, 1475 Richmond Rd. 9pm-1am w/Hound
ThursCock & Lion, 202 Sparks St. 9pm-1am w/Dog

FriO'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Pony
FriPuzzles, 344 Richmond Rd. 9pm-1am w/Stray
FriSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog

SatO'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
SatRoyal Oak,
188 Bank St. 9pm-1am *1st Sat. every mo w/Ocelot

Library #42(Blue Library) 
Library #9¾(Red Library) 
Library #33.3(Green Library)   [ click to see all Libraries ]

We do chicken right!
Okay, well, maybe not chicken...but karaoke, yes, yes, we know from karaoke!

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