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Volume 8 Issue 4

straight from the pony's mouth


Martin housemartin

our pal
of the month

Each month we feature a different Pal as a thank you to those special people who have shared their support and friendship not only with us, but with the entire community.

check your pal status
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past pals of the month

You can also update your pal status at any of our shows. See your host for a -We Don't Wanna Miss A Pal- form.


Happy Birthday to all our
April Pals:

  1 Jason (warthog)
  3 Jacquie(canadian angel)
  5 Robyn (rabbit)
  5 Chris (wutang)
13 Jaymz Bee (dog's bro)
16 Brandon (boo's beau)
19 Trisha (tabby)
19 Benoit
21 Brian C
21 Linda (smile)
21 Shanon(sheepdog)
21 Heather (pelican)
25 Scotty (donkey)
25 Steph (llama)
25 Cris (stray kitten)
25 Ky (kalico kitten)
25 Anne Marie(swan)
25 Jon
25 Veronique
28 Grant (eagle)
29 Geordie (pants)
30 Dann (peacock)

Happy Anniversary to:
  1 Tom & Maxine
(rasta & coma lady)
14 Rob T & Crystal
25 Dave & Trisha
(retriver & tabby kitten)

Add your name to the Pals Birthday Calendar
...and now for some fun & whack April observances:

Monthly Observances:
-Alcohol Awareness
-Appreciate Diversity
-Cancer Control
-Child Abuse Prevention
-Community Spirit Days (Month)
-Couple Appreciation
-Donate Life
-Fresh Florida Tomatoes
-Holy Humor
-Home Improvement Time (April-Sept.30)
-Informed Women
-Injury Prevention
-InterNtl Customer Loyalty
-InterNtl Daffynitions
-InterNtl Twit Award
-Jazz Appreciation
-Keep America Beautiful
-of the Young Child
-of the Military Child

-Ntl Autism Awareness
-Ntl Car Care
-Ntl Child Abuse Prevention
-Ntl Decorating
-Ntl Donate Life
-Ntl Humor
-Ntl Kite
-Ntl Knuckles Down
-Ntl Landscape Architecture
-Ntl Occupational Therapy
-Ntl Parkinson's Awareness
-Ntl Pecan
-Ntl Pet First Aid Awareness
-Ntl Poetry
-Ntl Prepare To Buy A Home
-Ntlly Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
-Ntl Sexual Assault Awareness
-Ntl Youth Sports Safety
-Pharmacists War on Diabetes
-Physical Wellness
-Rosacea Awareness
-School Library Media
-Straw Hat
-Stress Awareness
-Southern Belles
-Testicular Cancer Awareness
-Tour de Cure
-Women's Eye Health & Safety
-Workplace Conflict Awareness
-World Habitat Awareness
-InterNtl School Spirit Season
Weekly Observances:
-Golden Rule 1-7
-Laugh at Work 1-7
-Medication Safety 1-7
-Testicular Cancer Awareness 1-7 (aka Get A Grip Day!)
-Just Pray No: Worldwide Weekend Prayer: 23-24
-Consider Christianity 2-8
-Ntl Library 2-8
-Ntl Med. Patient Advocacy 2-8
-Ntl Public Health 2-8
-Ntl Week of the Ocean: 2-9
-Week of the Young Child: 2-8
-Ntl Blue Ribbon 2-8
-Hate 4-10
-Alcohol-Free Weekend: 7-9
-Ntl Garden 9-15
-Ntl Women's Nutrition 9-15
-Pan American 9-15
-Ntl Networking 10-16
-Explore Career Options 10-14
-Young People's Poetry 10-16
-Consumer Awareness 16-20
-Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness 16-22
-Ntl Coin 16-22
-Ntl Crime Victims Rights 16-22
-Ntl Park 16-22
-Ntl Personal Training 16-23
-Ntl Volunteer 16-22 (Declared)
23-29 (Observed)
-Egg Salad 17-23
-Cowboy Poetry 17-23
-Heritage 17-22
-WOC Nurse 17-22
-Ntl Dance 21-30
-Ntl Youth Service Days: 21-23
-Admin. Professionals 23-29
-Innovation 23-29
-Ntl Karaoke 23-29
-Ntl Wildlife 23-29
-Ntl Window Safety 23-29
-RV Lifestyle 23-28
-Sky Awareness 23-29
-Electronic Communications 24-28
-Ntl Playground Safety 24-28
-Ntl Scoop the Poop 24-30
-Ntl TV Turn-off 24-30
-Ntl Dream Hotline: 28-30
-Police Officers Who Gave Their Lives In The Line of Duty 29-5/5
-InterNtl School Spirit Season: April 30 to Sept. 30
-Jewish Heritage 30-5/6
-North American Occupational Safety & Health 30-5/6

Daily Observances:
-April Fools  or All Fools: 1
-Boomer Bonus: 1
-Lupus Alert: 1
-Ntl Fun: 1
-Ntl Love Our Children: 1
-Sorry Charlie: 1
-Anti-circumcision: 1
-Check Your Batteries: 2
-InterNtl Children's Book: 2
-Reconciliation: 2
-Ntl Workplace Napping: 3
-Tweed: 3
-Accelerate ACL Awareness Among Young Women: 5
-Paraprofessional Appreciation : 5
-Stories: 5
-Thank You School Librarian Day: 5
-Ntl Alcohol Screening Day: 6
-Ntl Fun at Work Day: 6
-New York State Missing Persons Day: 6
-Tartan Day: 6
-Hospital Admitting Clerks Day: 7
-Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day: 7
-No Housework Day: 7
-World Health Day: 7
-Trading Cards for Grown-ups Day: 8
-Tutor Appreciation Day: 8
-Ntl Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day: 9
-Winston Churchill Day: 9
-Commodore Perry Day: 10
-Ntl Sibling Day: 10
-Salvation Army Founder's Day: 10
-Barbershop Quartet Day: 11
-Licorice Day: 12
-Walk on Your Wild Side Day: 12
-InterNtl Plant Appreciation Day: 13
-Ntl D.A.R.E. Day: 13
-Children with Alopecia Day: 14
-InterNtl Moment of Laughter Day: 14
-Pan American Day: 14
-Take a Wild Guess Day: 15
-That Sucks Day: 15
-Equal Pay Day: 15
-Husband Appreciation Day: 15
-Ntl Auctioneers Day: 15
-Blah! Blah! Blah! Day: 17
-Ellis Island Family History Day: 17
-Income Tax Pay: 17
-Ntl Stress Awareness: 18
-Ntl Wear Your Pajamas To Work: 18
-Pet Owners Independence Day: 18
-Tax Freedom: 18
-John Parker: 19
-Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration: 19
-Kindergarten: 21
-Ntl Chocolate-covered Cashews: 2
-Get to Know Your Customer: 20
-San Jacinto Day: 21
-Celebrate The Earth: 22
-Earth: 22
-Ntl Jelly Bean: 22
-World Book & Copyright: 23
-Mother, Father Deaf: 24
-Ntl Teach Your Children To Save: 25
-Waidseemuller, Martin Remembrance: 25
-Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary's: 26
-Hug An Australian: 26
-Richter Scale: 26
-Mule: 27
-Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work: 27
-Workers Memorial: 28
-Arbor Day: 28
-Ntl Hairball Awareness: 28
-Hairstylists Appreciation: 28
-Rebuilding: 29
-InterNtl Walk: 30
-Ntl Honesty(Honest Abe Awards): 30
-Spank Out- USA: 30

Adding your birthday to the Calendar has never been easier. Simply add your birthday to your profile when you join the forum and it will automatically appear on the calendar each year.

You can also add special events such as your birthday party. Let us all know where and when you will be celebrating.

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l Special Events: NEW VENUE - EDGE PUB - PAW PARTY MARCH 31 !!!
  Pony host the party at the Edge every Monday - come play! come play!
l Venue News: NEW NIGHT: The LookOut switches to Tuesdays on April 22
l Staff News: Who's doing what where and with who?
l Pal News: Pal parties and sightings
l Pal Birthdays: Pals don't get older they just have more fun
l Holiday Origins: Everything you never wanted to know about Easter
l Singing Tips: "The In’s and Out’s of Breathing"
l Library News: We added more new songs to all Libraries
l Show Schedule: April 2008  [Print Monthly Calendar]

Spring? Spring? Has anyone seen spring yet? Anyone?

In this issue
we bring you more pal & venue news, birthday and anniversary notices, and crazy days like the 25th of April; aka the collective birthday of Cris, Ky, Steph-dude, Anne-Marie, Scotty, Jon and Veronique. Perhaps they are Borg? hmmmm.

We also bring you a comprehensive synopsis of the origin of Easter and a very informative article by Toronto based vocal instructor,
Tammy Frederick, entitled "The In’s and Out’s of Breathing". A truncated version was published in the March/April 2007 edition of Canadian Musician Magazine. Tammy generously offered her original complete version as well as another great article that we'll share with you next month.

We're kicking off our NEW SHOW at the EDGE THIS MONDAY,
March 31. Don't forget to get your paw card punched. And check this out...The LookOut is changing to Tuesday nights beginning April 22.

April brings us National Karaoke Week from the 23rd to the 29th. However should we celebrate? What to do, now what to do?

April also heralds "Appreciate Diversity Month",
"Cowboy Poetry Week" 17-23 (I still don't know if this means poetry about cowboys, by cowboys, for cowboys, or all of the above). Then there's "Blah! Blah! Blah!" Day on the 17th and "National Hairball Awareness" Day on the 28th. I'm petty sure this is not the day you're supposed to finally be aware of all those darling hairballs your cat has spit up all year long. More likely, it's a day to uh...um...oh hell, I really don't know.

[more quirky holidays & national observances] • [more on the origins of easter]



292 Elgin St.
(Ottawa Center)

Wednesdays w/Ocelot

...an awesome lot of fun!

[map] [photos] [schedule]


202 Sparks St.
(Ottawa Center)

Thursdays w/Dog

...and the fun just keeps getting funnier!

[map] [photos] [schedule]


212 Sparks St.
(Ottawa Center)



...why go over the Edge when you can go under?

[map] [photos] [schedule]


349 Dalhousie St.
(Ottawa Market)

w/Stray 9pm-2am

...the late late show

[map] [photos] [schedule]


41 York St.
(Ottawa Market)

Wednesdays (until April 15)
Tuesdays (beginning April 22)
w/Dog 9:30pm-1:30am

...more bias free fun in the market!

[map] [photos] [schedule]


1145 Heron Rd.
(Ottawa South)

Fridays -
w/Hound & Pony

Saturdays - w/Dog

...the party never sleeps

[map] [photos] [schedule]


1475 Richmond Rd. (Ottawa West)

w/Stray 9pm-1am
Thursdays w/Hound 9pm-1am
...how the west was sung

[map] [photos] [schedule]


344 Richmond Rd.
(Ottawa West)

9pm-1am w/Stray
...because Westboro Rocks!

[map] [photos] [schedule]


246 Queen St.
(Ottawa Center)

Sundays 9:00-1:00 w/Dog
Tuesdays 9:00-1:00 w/Stray
Fridays 9:30-1:30 w/Dog

...enjoy a threesome every week

[map] [photos] [schedule]



...live & direct from the stables

(all our hosts are guaranteed to be 100% alive at all times,
except for Richie. We make no promises on his behalf).




Dog gets frisky Wednesdays at The LookOut, but only until April 15. Beginning April 22 you can find him at The LookOut on TUESDAYS!

Dog can also be found wagging various things
Thursdays at The Cock & Lion,
Fridays at Swizzles, Saturdays at O'Brien's. and Sundays at Swizzles.

Our kittens have most of the week covered. Stray hosts the party every Monday at the Royal Britannia, Tuesday at Swizzles, Friday at Puzzles and Sunday at GoGo's while Ocelot, hosts the party at the Bytown every Wednesday.

Hound hosts the fun at the Royal Britannia every Thursday and O'Brien's with Pony every Friday.

and now...

Pony can also be found every Monday at The Edge Pub.



Kibbles 'n Bits:

will be celebrating her birthday at the Edge this monday and Rasta is back in town for a week. He plans on hitting various shows while he's in town. His entire itinerary is posted on our forum.

Stay in touch with pals through our
message forum or join the Pals on Facebook.

Our forum is the 1st place to learn about special events, parties, newest songs and what's happening in the community
the same day we do. I post the newest songs on the forum the day they arrive (although it may take several more days to get the information on the website or printed in the new additions songbooks).

Some areas of the forum are specifically for local patrons and are only accessible to registered users. Drop me a quick message when you register so I can adjust your access.

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"The In’s and Out’s of Breathing"
by Tammy Frederick

Breathing is our life support and an involuntary action that our body performs, so you would think we couldn’t get it wrong. But, many of us do not breathe properly, especially when we start singing. This can lead to a host of problems including hoarseness, vocal fatigue, inconsistent performances and can even affect your pitching. Breathing should feel free and easy - extra musculature and tension only serve to drain you of your much-needed energy. The main elements involved in breathing are the diaphragm, your posture, the inhalation and the exhalation. Once a basic understanding of these functions is developed, you can put it together to create superior vocal production.

Before reading any further, stop. Find a mirror and take in a deep breath. What does your reflection show? What are your shoulders doing? Do you look relaxed or tense?

Most people when asked to take in a deep breath will raise their shoulders and suck in their stomach. In reality your body requires the exact opposite action to happen - your shoulders should stay down and the stomach should expand outward allowing the diaphragm to drop. There should be no dramatic change in musculature and you should look relaxed. So let’s consider the factors involved in achieving this.

The Diaphragm

The diaphragm is a dome shaped muscle that separates the chest and abdominal cavities. It is attached in front to the bottom of the breastbone and attached in the back about three or four inches lower. The perimeter of the diaphragm is attached to the inner chest wall. When you inhale the diaphragm contracts downward giving the lungs room to expand. At this time the intercostal muscles between the ribs expand outward creating a partial vacuum. When you do not allow the diaphragm to drop fully you restrict the airflow and only partially fill the lungs.

Your Posture

Good posture equals great sound. Proper body alignment will maximize your body’s ability to breathe efficiently and effectively. So what is good posture?

Exercise #1 ~ Finding Proper Alignment

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, weight evenly distributed. Looking straight-ahead keep your chin parallel with the floor. Do not tilt it up or down. Envision a string attached to the top of your head pulling you toward the ceiling. Roll your shoulders around to loosen them up and then relax them down and back, they should feel inline directly over your hips. Relax your knees slightly and tuck your pelvis up.

Try to implement this posture into your practice routines. Although it may seem uncomfortable and odd at first, your body will soon adjust to this optimum alignment.

The Inhalation

When you inhale for singing open your mouth and drop your jaw. Don’t force your jaw downward, instead think of unhinging it, and simply let it drop comfortably. Allow the air to fall in gently and fill your lungs. Think of yawning in your breath. It is important that the inhalation be inaudible. Do not gasp or suck in the air. If there is sound created on inhalation the vocal cords have come together and vibrated. This means that the vocal cords are never allowed to relax fully, putting unnecessary strain on them.

The Exhalation

It doesn’t take muscle to exhale just relaxation. Do not push or force your air out, this will only cause more tension and strain. Pushed air causes too much air pressure to build up under the vocal cords making it much more difficult for them to maintain their connection. Keep your abdominal muscles relaxed. Rather than controlling the exhale, think instead of allowing the air to escape. When you exhale try to maintain a small steady stream of air.

Exercise #2: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Stand in front of a mirror so you can monitor your shoulder tension. Find your proper alignment. Place a hand on your stomach just above your belly button. While keeping the shoulders down, allow the stomach to move your hand forward as you inhale. Inhale for a count of five, pause, and then exhale for a count of five. Repeat. Continue to monitor your shoulders. If you are having difficulty with this coordination try laying on your back on the floor with your knees bent and both feet on the floor. Lying on the floor will ensure your posture is correct and you will be able to monitor your stomach rise and fall with the diaphragm’s actions. Repeat the exercise, and then try to duplicate it standing up. When the diaphragm contracts downward it slightly pushes your organs forward. Putting your hand on our stomach enables you to monitor whether you are allowing the diaphragm to drop.

Although this may be challenging to some at first remember this is how your body was designed to breathe. Unfortunately, we often get in the way of this natural action when we try to control or manipulate our bodies. Do not be alarmed if you feel dizzy or light-headed when doing these exercises, it is simply that your body is receiving an extra abundance of rich oxygen. With practice your body will adjust.

Putting It Together

Try paying attention to your breathing in every activity you do throughout the day. Whether standing in line, walking, talking on the phone or driving in a car: be conscious of allowing the diaphragm to contract down as you inhale and relax as you exhale. Once you feel you have a developed the basics of proper posture and breathing it is time to transfer it to your song work.

Exercise #3: Developing the Muscle Memory

Choose a song from your repertoire. Place a hand on your stomach just above your belly button and find your proper alignment. Sing through the song one phrase at a time allowing the diaphragm to drop every time you inhale. Be conscious of exhaling a steady stream of air throughout the entire phrase. Think of the lyrics floating on a cushion of air. Try slowing the tempo down as well, singing through the piece slowly will allow you time to develop the new muscle memory. Then try working your piece a tempo maintaining the diaphragmatic breathing.

Good posture and proper breathing will provide the most success in producing good quality sound and overall vocal health. Take the time to practice these techniques and you will build the muscle memory needed to carry you into successful performances night after night.

Reprinted with kind permission from Tammy Frederick, columnist for Canadian Musician Magazine and professional vocal instructor who offers private lessons and voice workshops through her studio Tammy Frederick's Voice Studio in Toronto, Ontario.

Visit her website at: www.tammyfrederick.com


The Origins of Easter

Easter is celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians but with differing meanings. Much like Christmas, originally adopted to accomodate early pagans, Easter was used to convert these pagans. Unlike Christmas however, Easter actually has roots in early Christian history. Although Easter is literally a Christian holy day, many of the pagan customs of the time were weaved into the Christian celebration to make it favorable to new converts.

In western culture, Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox (March 22). Easter Sunday, therefore, can fall anywhere from March 22 to April 25. Eastern Orthodox churches have a different method in determining Easter which can sometimes be observed on the same day as other Christian religions.

Easter Sunday, which is what people usually refer to, actually occurs at the end of the Lent period (40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday). Sundays are not counted as part of Lent, but are spent in commemoration of Easter Sunday, so technically there are 40 days of Lent and 40 is always a symbol of completion in the Holy Scriptures).

The Christian celebration of Easter is observed mostly from the beginning of Lent to the culmination at Easter Sunday with many days marked as special to note an event in connection with the last days of Jesus before cruxifiction. The Holy Week is the last week of Lent which begins on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is said to mark the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem when the crowds laid palms at his feet. Holy Thursday is for the Last Supper, Good Friday marks the day of the Crufixion and Easter Sunday marks the day when Jesus is said to have risen from the dead.

The word "Easter" is derived from the Scandinavian word Ostra or the Teutonic word Ostern or Eastre which were both Goddesses of spring and fertility whose festival was celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox.

Christians often spend Easter Sunday engaging in celebrations which reflect upon the risen Christ. Some honor this holy day in solemn prayer while others enjoy some of the pagan remnants of the day.

The Jewish people also observed a celebration around this time of year; referred to in scripture as the Passover, the observance when the angels of death passed over the homes of the faithful who marked their doorposts with the blood of the sacraficial lamb to spare their firstborn sons from death. Ironically, the Christian holiday is similar in that Jesus, the lamb of God, offered a blood sacrifice to spare believers from a death in hell.

Some religious historians believe these death and resurrection legends were first associated with Attis, the Good Shepherd of the Roman Empire around the time of Christ. Attis' death and resurrection were also celebrated at the time of year we would call Easter. The reed bearers are similar to the palm bearers of Jesus on his way to Jerusalem. The procession of the tree is simialar to the Via Dolorosa when Jesus was carrying of the cross and the effigy of Attis hanging from a tree is similar to Jesus. Some will argue that Jesus may or may not have been a real person to whom many grand myths were attributed. Many others regard Jesus' death and resurrection account as being true and completely unrelated to the Roman tradition.

The Holy Week is the culmination of events marking the final days of Jesus before Easter Sunday:

1. Palm Sunday - The Sunday before Easter Sunday recalling Jesus' entry into Jerusalem a week before dying on the cross.
2. Holy Monday - Jesus' cleansing of the temple and turning over the tables of the money changers to purify the house of worship.
3. Holy Tuesday - Jesus' talk with his disciples on the Mount of Olives about the soon to come destruction of Jerusalem.
4. Holy Wednesday - The day Judas decided to betray Jesus in exchange for 30 pieces of silver.
5. Maundy Thursday - The Last Supper of Jesus and his time in the garden with his disciples who would not stay awake before his arrest.
6. Good Friday - The day Jesus died on the cross.
7. Holy Saturday - The final day of Lent and the Holy Week.
8. Easter Sunday - The resurrection of Jesus.

Some religions also observe the following as part of the Easter celebration:

Feast of the Ascension - The celebration of Jesus ascensending up to heaven.
Pentecost or Whit Sunday - 49 days after Easter Sunday recalling the visitation of the Holy Spirit to 120 Christians with the speaking of the tongues.

The traditions associated with Easter are primarily derived from Pagan traditions which include:

Hot Cross Buns - The pagan festival had the Saxon fertility Goddess sacrifice an ox and the horns in the form of a cross became a symbol of the season, carved into the breads. The cross represented the moon, the heavenly body associated with the Goddess, and its four quarters. The word boun, from which the word bun came, means sacred ox. As Christianity spread throughout Europe, buns were made in the traditional method, but the cross now symbolized the cruxifix of Jesus.

Easter Rabbit and Eggs - Both represent fertility. Dyed eggs were also used as part of the rituals of the Babylonian religions. In the pagan spring and fertility festivals eggs were painted and given as gifts. Eggs represented fertility and to be given one was to wish upon the receiver that they may have many children. The rabbit is another symbol of both springtime and of fertility which was strongly associated with this celebration. Has no real merit in the Christian holy days.

Easter Lilies - Without getting too graphic, the shape of an Easter lily is almost the shape of a male organ, another sign of fertility for the season when these flowers would bloom. Has no real merit in the Christian holy days.

Easter Sunrise Service - It was a pagan custom to welcome the sun God at the vernal equinox at sunrise. Christians use this early hour to attend church to greet the promise of the day for a hope of life in heaven.

Easter Candles - The Pagans would light bonfires to welcome the rebirth of the sun God. On the night before Easter, many will go to a service to light a candle at a special Mass.

Whatever your belief and preferred ceremony, HAPPY EASTER!


Weekly DOG & PONY sound Shows for April 2008

SunGoGo's, 349 Dahousie St. 9:00-2:00 w/Stray
Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:00-1:00 w/Dog
MonThe Edge,
212 Sparks St. 9:00-1:00 w/Pony NEW SHOW
MonRoyal Britannia,
1475 Richmond Rd. 9:00-1:00 w/Stray
TuesSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:00-1:00 w/Stray
41 York St. 9:30-1:30 w/Dog switches to Tues April 22
41 York St. 9:30-1:30 w/Dog Wednesdays until April 15
WedBytown, 292 Elgin St. 9:30-1:30 w/Ocelot
ThursCock & Lion, 202 Sparks St. 9:00-1:00 w/Dog
ThursRoyal Britannia, 1475 Richmond Rd. 9:00-1:00 w/Hound
FriO'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30-1:30 w/Hound & Pony
344 Richmond Rd. 9:00-1:00 w/Stray
FriSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30-1:30 w/Dog
SatO'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30-1:30 w/Dog

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